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Sales network

From Guangzhou to China, then China to the global, with qualified, various types of products and professional, considerate services, GAL expand the marketing network throughout the global.



Beijing City , Shanghai City , Tianjin city , Chongqing city , Heilongjiang Province , Jilin province , Liaoning Province , Jiangsu Province , Shandong province , Anhui province , Hebei Province , Henan Province , Hubei Province , Hunan Province , Jiangxi Province , Shaanxi province , Sichuan Province , Shanxi Province , Qinghai Province , Hainan Province , Guangdong Province , Guizhou Province , Zhejiang province , Fujian province , Taiwan Province , Gansu Province, Yunnan Province

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, The Xinjiang rygur Autonomous Region, The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Hong Kong, Macao


Oversea countries

India , Vietnam , Philippine , Saudi Arabia , Japan , Kyrgyzstan , Nepal , The united Kingdom , Italy , Russia , USA , Canada , Columbia , Panama

South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius, Rwanda, Nigeria, Cameroon, Australia


Three flagship stores

Flagship store in Guangzhou

                             3floor, International building material center,

                        Wuzhou city, Yingbin Rd, Panyu District, Guangzhou. 


Flagship store in Shanghai

                         2floor, Earea, Yi bang global building material world,

                                          No6588 Beijing Rd, Shanghai.


Flagship store in Beijing

                     2floor, Red star mescaline, No 8 Gaojing village ,Chaoyang Rd,

                                             Chaoyang District, Beijing.